Virgin Hair Companies – How to choose the right one?

Virgin hair has become popular for a number of reasons. The hair quality is better than any other hair type. The strands are tangle free, and shedding is a rare case. You can even use virgin hair for several installations. Moreover, the authentic virgin hair comes chemically untreated, so you can easily color and style it.

However, not all virgin hair brands are created equal. There are some companies that claim they are selling original virgin hair, but in reality, they are selling very poor quality hair extensions, often processed, Chinese hair. Majority hair companies in the US sell low-quality hair extensions at hefty prices. The good news, however, is that there are still some companies that sell original and high-quality virgin hair at reasonable prices.

Knowing what you are buying and whom you are buying from is really important. It cannot only save you your hard earned money but can also save you from embarrassment. We did our research about virgin hair companies and below are our findings.

Diamond Virgin Hair Co.

The Diamond Virgin Hair Co. is a popular hair company that has been operating in the US and Europe in addition to countries in Asia for the last ten years. The company claims that it sells 100 percent virgin hair extensions. Well, we did the research and found that the company is telling the truth, even though there were some complaints by users.

The company sells authentic virgin remy human hair. It deals in Brazilian and Peruvian hair. The hair quality is good, and you’ll notice minimal shedding and no tangling. Overall, most customers are happy with the hair extensions bought from Diamond Virgin Hair Co.


Indique Hair is a globally known hair extensions company with presence in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa. It has been operating for the last thirty years, and the company claims that it sells original, virgin hair extensions sourced from the temples in India. It is important to mention that the hair does not come from a single donor, and shedding might start from day one. Some customers are dissatisfied with the products, but others say it’s a good price per quality ratio.

Her Imports

Her Imports sells original, virgin hair sourced from India, Brazil, Peru, Malaysia, and Mongolia. Her Imports’ hair extensions are popular with celebrities, especially the “My Hair” brand that is created from handpicked hair from one of India’s most respected temples.

Her Imports has been in the hair business for more than ten years now. The hair extensions from Her Imports are not processed, meaning you can easily dye them. Even better, tangling and shedding are minimal. We read reviews of Her Imports’ customers and found that the brand has actually delighted its buyers.

My Extensionz

My Extensionz is a new, but popular brand that brings you good quality hair extensions. The company is just over four years old now, but it has already established a good footing. Even though we came across some complaints and negative reviews about the company, yet most customers are satisfied with the products. The company sells original virgin hair.

What makes the extensions unique is the fact that the company uses only those virgin hairs that have cuticle coatings in the same direction. This makes their movement very natural. The hair extensions are not chemically treated and feature attractive color and texture. The company sources its hairs from different locations around the world. Quality inspections of the products take place in Chicago.

Bella Dream Hair

Bella Dream Hair claims that it sells only authentic, virgin hair. When we tested the hair extensions, we found they are good, but not the best. The hair strands were seemingly not completely virgin, and it seemed like the hair did not come from a single donor. The hair extensions are beautiful, but we noticed some shedding and tangling.

You can overcome the tangling if you take good care of the extensions. It seems like the company treats its products in some mild way. The good news, however, is that the hair looks natural with beautiful patterns. You can easily style them the way you prefer. Bella Dream customers are happy with the company.

Aliexpress Virgin Hair Vendors

Steer clear of vendors on Aliexpress, who claim to sell genuine, virgin hair. Those cheap hair extensions actually come from China, and they are made of rejected and chemically processed hair. The strands will start shedding straight out of the box. When it comes to the issue of tangling, Aliexpress hair extensions are the worst.

People who bought their hair on Aliexpress are highly discontented with what they got. The vendors show you pictures of beautiful hair extensions and deliver you complete rubbish.