Tips And Tricks To Make Beautiful Curls last Longer

There are few thinks as attractive as a beautifully styled head of curly hair. However, keeping those curls in the face of a environmental challenges such as sunlight, wind and pollution and even the dreaded high temperatures of a summer’s day can make even the most style conscious women throw up her hands in dismay and go back to the drab and ordinary.

However, there are some relatively simple tricks and tips that can make it easier than ever to enjoy the style, beauty and envious looks that are the result of having flawless curls from dawn till dusk.

Here are some of the ways you can turn heads with your curled style even under the most trying of conditions.

#1 Cool Idea.

Making sure that your curls last the entire day might be as simple as paying extra attention to how you use your curling iron and what you do with the curl immediately after it has been set. The trick is to make sure that the hair is cool before allowing the curl to be released. Take a booby pin and pin the curl down waiting for it to cool. Once it has cooled then you can release it. You’ll that curls prepared like this hold there shape for much longer.

#2 Pay Attention To Product.

It may sound like common sense buy try to pay extra careful attention to the type of hair products that you’re using to set and control your curls. Preparation prior to curling is key – so apply mousse and heat protection product prior to curling and then follow this up with another dash of good quality mousse. Try and find a product that has been specifically manufactured to hold curls. You can also use hairspray to make sure your curls last throughout your day.

#3 The Right Tool For The Job.

It’s true that a bad workmen will always blame his tools, but you can be an expert at getting that beautiful curly head of hear, but if your curling iron is low quality you are still not going to be doing the health of your hair any favors. A great quality curling iron will take far less time to heat up meaning that your hair will not be damaged as much as it might be if you use a cheaper quality iron. This allows the natural qualities of your hair to shine through – and curls last that much longer.

#4 Be Bright About Barrels.

Barrel size is important when you’re curling your hair. Rather go a size down to get the best looking long lasting curls. Try a one and a half inch barrel, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much more bounce your curls have and will also add hours to your style. You’ll look good for much longer even the face of the hottest summer heatwave. You can also achieve this look when you add extension to your hair.

Curls are great for letting you look your best – and using the right approach and tools will make it perfect!