Summertime Styling – How To Get Great Hair Using Sea Salt Spray

Hitting the beach in a summer’s day is one of the favorite ways to really throw off the cares of the day to day rat race that we’re all forced to participate in – if we want all the nice things that a steady salary can make possible.

It’s not just the sand and the sun that makes a day at the beach such a rejuvenating experience – it’s also the sheer joy and relaxation that comes from spending time in the ocean. You emerge feeling just a whole lot more serene and feeling as if you’ve just given your skin a new lease on life.

The great news is that you can give your hair that same new lease on life by using sea salt spray. It’s fantastic to use when you’ve finished drying your hair and it’s also great for use when your hair is still wet from your morning shower. So no matter what your morning routine is, sea salt spray is perfect for your individual lifestyle.

If you’d like to use sea salt spray on dry hair make sure that it’s the last touch of magic once you’re finished with your heat styling or even simple blow drying. As usual you’ll first be applying your moisturizing treatment and once this has been worked into the hair then it’s time for that essential sea salt spray to do its magic. For the best effect treat the entire length of the hair.

Sea salt spray is fabulous for treating wet hair, especially if you suffer from common conditions like think hair or really want to make naturally curly hair look even more incredible. It’s important to note that although sea salt spray is perfect for application after the shower your hair shouldn’t be soaked through. Dry and apply the sea salt spray to hair that is only damp. It’s also a good idea to find a good quality microfiber material ti use to dry your hair, towels can equal frizz, not a great look. If you want to get the best results then a good quality microfiber T-Short is perfect. Use that T-Shirt to ‘scrunch’ the hair after applying the sea salt treatment form midway down the hair to the tips. If you’re in a really big hurry you can use a dryer to get ready to hit the town, but keep that temperature low. It’s actually better to let Mother Nature do all the hard work – air drying is great for sea salt sprayed hair.

There are numerous types of sea salt sprays that are available from commercial manufacturers and some are absolutely stunning. Most people love those variants that feature a little natural and organic additive such as coconut water or oil, the smell is almost irresistible.

But why go to the extra expense? You can make up your own spray bottle of sea salt treatment in the comfort of your own home. A cup of filtered warm water, two tablespoons of store bought sea salt, a dash of conditioner, a squirt of gel and some great smelling coconut oil (about a teaspoon) and you’ll be ready for your own special treatment – and you can look forward to turning heads on every street, or the beach.