Secret Extensions Is Quick…But Does It Look Good?

Secret Extensions Is Quick…But Does It Look Good?

Secret Extensions has already found a niche market for its products. Women who want hair extensions that are quick and easy to wear are in for Secret Extensions. Well, there are some solid reasons why the trend has picked up. Putting in hair extensions made by Secret Extensions is as easy as wearing a headband. According to the company, their hair extensions make your hair appear fuller and longer.

Secret Extensions is a brand of direct marketing company Allstar Products, which has been operating for more than 15 years now. However, the company has no existence on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Their products have no information or rating on the BBB.

The company claims that its products, which are mostly endorsed by Daisy Fuentes, are superior to others and can be worn and removed relatively easily. In order to investigate whether the company is telling the truth, we gave their product a shot. We also conducted an in-depth research on customer and expert reviews and talked with real users of Secret Extensions hair.


The company claims that its hair extensions look like 100 percent human hair. The strands feature good texture and were average in silkiness, but they are not a complete replacement for human hair. The company claims that its extensions are completely invisible and undetectable. We found that the hair extensions cannot be detected with ease, but a closer look makes them detectable. This doesn’t mean that everyone will detect it.

Material and Authenticity

Secret Extensions has not kept it a secret that the strands used in its 16 inches long extensions are actually keratin-conditioned polyester fibers. The company claims that the extensions are 100 percent natural looking. We tested and tried the extensions. The fibers are flexible, have normal texture and look like natural hair, but they are not 100 percent natural looking. A polyester fiber cannot be a complete replacement for human hair in any case.

The company also claims that you can wash, trim and curl the hair and it will remain intact. We washed the extension, trimmed it and tried to curl it. Washing and trimming gave good results, but we faced some difficulty with curling.

Colors and Headband

The hair is available in different colors (four versions of blonde and brunette, and three versions of red), meaning that you can pick the one that best blends with your natural hair. The company is also offering blend color guarantee, claiming the extensions can blend with your natural hair with ease and that you can even dye the hair.

Unlike the traditional hair extensions that use clips for hold, hair extensions from Secret Extensions come fitted with a flexible headband, which makes them easy to wear and remove. The headbands also help the extension to fit your head. I wasn’t impressed with them, as they hurt after several hours making me want to take them off.


Secret Extensions products are inexpensive because they are not made of virgin remy human hair. You can buy a sixteen inches hair extension for $39.99 and pay an additional $6 for shipping and handling cost. You also get the opportunity to buy a second set of hair extensions for a reduced price of $29.00. Based on this rather inexpensive price, you can tell the quality of hair you’re getting.

Swimming With The Extensions

The company claims that you can swim and go out in the rain wearing their hair extension, saying the fibers are immune to potential water damages. I wouldn’t recommend this as the fibers in water for a longer period of time may make them sticky.

Tangling and Shedding

Most extensions are prone to tangling unless they are 100 percent virgin human hair, and Secret Extensions is not an exception. The strands may get tangled intermittently from the third month onward, but you can easily disentangle them. And when it comes to shedding, Secret Extensions hairs are a little better than other similar brands, but not by much.


Well, our investigation of Secret Extensions showed that they provide good value for the price they charge. But their shipping times and customer service are not so good. Reviews showed that most customers experienced long shipping periods. Even though some people said the company took three weeks to deliver them the product, but in our case, we received the package in 13 days. We believe the company might be dealing with increased demands at times.

Moreover, the company’s customer service representatives won’t exactly tell you when your package will be shipped. When it comes to the quality of hair extensions, Secret Extensions is good for the price they charge, but the extensions won’t last that long. Even though most customers said they got what they ordered on their website, there were a few who complained the colors were not what they saw on the website.

Secret Extensions products normally last for 3 to 6 months. You can increase their life by taking proper care of them, as with all other extensions. From the third month onward, you may see an increase in shedding. Though most users were satisfied with the headband’s performance, a few complained that it did not keep the extension well in place. I agree with this as well, perhaps they need to figure out a way to give more options for the headband, since everyone’s head is a different size.


If you are looking for an affordable extension, Secret Extensions will not disappoint you. The company provides good value for the price. Moreover, if you want a hair extension that is quick and easy to wear, go for Secret Extensions. However, if you want a virgin hair extension, Secret Extensions is not for you. Nor is it for you if you are looking for a premium extension that should last for a year or two.

Remember, at the price of Secret Extensions, you get what you pay for. They do the job, but don’t look or feel the best.