On A Budget? Try Malaysian Hair Bundles

If you have ever shopped for hair extensions or weaves, then you know just how many different choices there are when it comes to buying hair. Whether you have visited a hair salon to discuss your options or browsed the internet, the choices are endless and making an appropriate decision that will work for you becomes so much harder when there are too many products to choose from. In this post, we would like to focus on an item that has become very popular among people who wear weaves, but are buying their hair on a very tight budget – Malaysian hair bundles.


The Benefits Of Malaysian Hair

While Brazilian and Peruvian hair is among the most popular types of hair available at the moment, Malaysian hair has also become very common among people who are looking for quality weaves at a lower cost. The number one advantage that Malaysian hair has over other types of hair is the fact that this hair has a very strong texture. According to Virgin Fixx, Malaysian hair is also thicker than most other types, and it features a silky and soft texture. Malaysian hair also has a bounce to them that makes it easy to add more volume to natural hair.

Things To Consider

While Malaysian hair has numerous benefits over some other hair origins, it is important that you take note of a few things that should always be considered before making a purchase.

  • Real Malaysian hair is considered rare, but many companies have taken advantage of the term “Malaysian hair” and started to promote other hair, such as Indian hair, with similar textures as “Malaysian”. Ensure the company or brand you buy from is using true Malaysian hair – you might notice that the ones that use real hair from this origin are often slightly more expensive.
  • Some companies or brands will promote their hair as “100% natural virgin hair”, but, in reality, the hair isn’t virgin and has been chemically processed. Before buying, you should do some research to find out if the company you want to buy from are actually distributing unprocessed virgin hair. A simple search on Google would provide you with reviews about a company – by looking at these reviews, you will be able to determine if past customers were given what the company claims they sell.

The Benefits Of Malaysian Hair Bundles

Buying hair bundles are also often considered beneficial as they offer the buyer exceptional value. Malaysian hair bundles are one type that is particularly popular as these bundles offer numerous sets of Malaysian hair sets at a discounted price. The good thing about hair bundles is the fact that the hair comes in different sizes, which means they will provide the buyer with the perfect look after installation. You can save a lot of money with hair bundles as well, as the price you pay for a bundle is often much less than you would’ve paid for the hair pieces should you have decided to buy them individually.

Things To Consider

You should be extra cautious when buying Malaysian hair bundles on the internet. The facts we listed under the things to consider when buying Malaysian hair should be considered when buying hair bundles, but additional factors should also be considered as some companies do not deliver quality types of hair when a bundle is purchased.

  • Note that some companies include lower quality hair pieces in their bundled products. Once again, do some research to see if anyone else has purchased a specific Malaysian hair bundle you would like to buy. See if they had any problems with the product they received.


Malaysian hair can be quite expensive as original Malaysian hair is considered as a rare type of hair. Fortunately, by opting for hair bundles instead, you can save a considerable amount of money, while still being able to own a set of high-quality Malaysian hair. We do, however, recommend doing thorough research on the brands and particular products you want to buy before you press the “checkout” button.