Mayvenn Hair Reviews – Quality or Crap Hair?

Quality Hair or, No?

No doubt, hair extensions can boost your confidence. They can really do wonders for your self-esteem and help you feel better. But not all hair extensions are created equal, and not all hair extensions can do wonders for you. Without further ado, let me get straight to the point.

Mayvenn Hair…Hmm, where should I start? Well, I first came to know about this hair brand from a friend of mine (around the time this brand became popular due to the company’s sales model). They offer you different styles of hair extensions, including straight, loose wave, body wave, deep wave, curly, blonde, and closures.

Now, here’s what I did before writing this review. I used the hair for three months, put it to the test (which I normally do with all hair extensions that I buy), read expert and consumer reviews, discuss with hair extension users and do extensive research on the company website and social media accounts of the manufacturer.

Now, let me slice and dice all-important parts of the hair one by one.

The company claims that its hair extensions are made of the best quality, original human hair. It also asserts that it uses single donor hair in its extensions. Furthermore, it says you can bleach the hair to the maximum of level 10 and that it can serve you for at least a year. Going further, they claim that their hair extensions are lightweight and silky besides being able to hold curls exquisitely in place.

The Reality

Honestly, what I found and experienced was not much different from what they claimed. The hair was pretty impressive as they claimed it to be. The strands were soft and silky. It was the “premium quality hair” the company promised on its website.


The hair I received resembled the one I chose on their website. As far as the company’s claim that its hair extensions using 100% virgin human hair is concerned, well it’s hard to tell honestly, it does feel really soft and silky and the quality is legit but I can’t fully attest to their claim.


As a matter of fact, we consider hair coming from foreign countries like India and Brazil to be striking and genuine, but in reality, most manufacturers make a fake claim of importing hair from these countries. Most companies use this marketing trick to just simply rip us off. Most of the hair is actually processed in China. Manufacturers also claim that their hairs come from a single donor, but clearly that is not the case. While I’ve definitely seen hair that right off the bat looks cheap, feels rough and doesn’t live up to the claim, Mayvenn hair really does feel and look nice. and after a few months of testing out the extensions, I would have to say that this is some quality hair.


Mayvenn hair looks really pretty and of high quality, and the one I received was definitely the one I ordered.  It was as silky as the company claimed it to be, and very functional.

Tangling and Life Expectancy

The issue of tangling was not much of a problem with Mayvenn hair extensions. I would say the hair does tangle a little bit more than other brands I’ve tried, but really only in the back, and once you brush it out it easily untangles. It was definitely not as bad as the cheap, Chinese hair you see from Ali Express.  The ease of untangling the hair gives Mayvenn hair extensions some points in my book. Coming to the life expectancy, Mayvenn hair can serve you for up to 12 months for sure. Pretty great for the price you pay.


Even though Mayvenn claims that it does not chemically process its hair (much like Queen Virgin Remy does), I found it semi difficult to dye the hair. This means they are either processing their hair in some way or another, or the dye I used was too harsh for the extensions. All in all, I used deep conditioner over night, and that brought the hair back to life…so not the end of the world, but just be aware.


Shedding was common with the hair I bought from Mayvenn Hair. That’s not a big deal though because almost all hair brands shed some hair. With Mayvenn, shedding is average. You’ll notice a few strands of hair shedding with each use in the first few months. The rate of shedding increases in the latter months of using the hair extensions, but as long as you take good care of the extensions, you can prevent some of the shedding. The hair washes and conditions well, which is great! Make sure to deep condition the hair a few times a month to keep it healthy, shiny and beautiful.

Swimming With Mayvenn Hair

The good news for swimming enthusiasts is that they can swim with these hair extensions. However, you have to be careful not to stay in the pool for too long. The longer you keep Mayvenn Hair in contact with gushes of water, the greater the chances are of them becoming sticky and flat.

Popularity of Mayvenn Hair

Mayvenn Hair is a popular brand of hair extensions, and the company has managed to attract $10 million in investment. Why? Because they sell. The company has a unique business model whereby they have teamed up with hair stylists to sell their products. The company rewards stylists for selling their extensions to clients.


Hair extensions from Mayvenn are above average as from other above average brands I’ve tested and reviewed. To put it short, they offer you great value for your money and trust. Overall I will recommend it to people who are looking for premium hair!