Is Daily Hair Washing A Good Idea?

Naturally, you want your hair to look great each and every day. You probably spend a great deal of time and money trying to make that happen. While hair care is a wonderful and necessary thing, you should avoid washing your tresses each day.

Although it may seem like a good idea to remove all of the product and dirt that has accumulated on your hair in a 24-hour period, you remove more than that. Each time you use a sudsy hair cleaning product, you also strip the natural oils from your scalp.

These oils are vital to the health of your hair. When brushed through to the ends, your natural oils help to protect the hair shaft. Daily removal of these oils will trigger your scalp to produce more oil in an effort to compensate.

This leads to another drawback to daily hair washing: greasy hair. When you cut back on how often you wash your hair, it will take some time for your oil production to level out. At first, you may want to switch your hair washing to every other day.

On the days that you do not wash your hair, you can try different up-do’s if you are concerned about the excess oil being noticed by others. After a couple of weeks, your hair will not be as oily on the day of rest. When that occurs, you can cut back to washing your hair every three days if desired.

Another drawback with washing your hair each day is that you can dry out your scalp. Even if you do not have dandruff or noticeably flaking skin, small amounts of dead skin cells could be interfering with your hair production. This might be in the form of thinning strands or patches of hair. In either case, you need to clear your hair follicles of these dead skin cells in order to return your hair to the natural full state.

Another thing to pay attention to is the products that you choose to use on your hair. You may find that you do not need as much gel and similar styling agents after a while. Of course, you can still use them to achieve the look you desire. But keep an open mind and experiment with lesser amounts.

A healthy hair care routine will involve washing it with a light natural shampoo once or twice each week, followed by a conditioning agent. Additionally, once each month you may want to perform a hair mask treatment to make sure that your scalp is healthy and that you are keeping the hair follicles clear and the shaft smooth.

Whether you have short or long hair, natural or highly processed, you can improve the health of your tresses by reducing the amount of times you wash it per week. Although it will be awkward at first, once your scalp adjusts to the more natural schedule, the better your hair will look and feel every day!