Indique Hair Reviews – Learn Why They Are Great

Is Indique Hair Worth The Money?

The makers of these hair extensions claim that they sell only pure and genuine virgin Indian hair extensions. To see if that were true, I gave them a shot. I ordered a few extensions from Indique Hair, examined them, and wore them to see if they truly did what they claimed. I can’t say that Indique Hair disappointed me with the results, but I can easily say that after what I read on their site I expected more.

At first glance, you’ll be hypnotized by the pictures the company shows on their website, Instagram and other social media accounts. I too was left flabbergasted, but when I actually received the product, I wasn’t nearly impressed. Those full, thick, and stunning extensions shown in the pictures are not really as lush as they appear on the site. I don’t know where they are getting their hair, but the products are pretty ordinary, not great, but honestly not bad either.

Now, let me tell you that if you are someone who has been wearing high-quality hair extensions for a few years, you might find that Indique Hair extensions are not for you. They were not the best fit for me either, because since I have tried dozens of different hair extensions, I would consider myself more or less an expert in knowing good quality. With that said, I am used to wearing extra premium hair. However, for someone just looking for decent extensions for a reasonable price, these can be considered a viable option.

I am a curly hair enthusiast, so like with all other extensions I try, one of the first things I do is, I try to curl them. Well, I tried to curl my new Indique Hair extensions and I used plain iron, curling iron and even a hot roller, but the locks were so stubborn that no matter what curling tool I used, the strands would not respond quickly. The hair did curl, it just took a while to get it to look right, so have some patience if you try to curl these extensions.

Also, when I went out in the rain, the hair inflated. When there is more humidity in the air, the hair will become sticky and a bit flat. But that’s pretty common even without hair extensions. When you go out in the sun, the hair becomes a bit dry, so when washing the hair, I’d use some good deep conditioner to take care of the strands. This goes especially if you like coloring your extensions, you HAVE to deep condition them or the hair will start breaking off. Especially with hair extensions that aren’t the best quality, such as these.

Hair origin and authenticity

Now let me tell you a few things I discovered after extensive research about the origin and authenticity of Indique Hair. Indique claims that it sources hair from the temples of India. I find this very difficult to believe as this kind of hair is usually expensive. They claim that the hair comes from a single donor. Again from my experience, finding single donor hair is an extreme adventure in itself. Moreover, single donor hair never tangles or sheds.

So, where do they get the hair? Some say it they use hair rejected by reputed and respected companies, but I’m not sure I believe that claim. I can’t tell you exactly where the hair is coming from, however, it feels like it might be partially synthetic and partially real hair.


Well, I saw a few hair extensions on their website with beautiful curl patterns and texture, so I placed the order. But when the package arrived, I can’t say I was overly excited with what I received. The extensions I received didn’t exactly resemble the ones that came in the mail. Yes, they did have a wave just like in the photo, but they didn’t look as shiny as they do in the photos. Honestly though, if you haven’t worn that many types of extensions, you will not be disappointed with these. Once again, since I’m used to wearing premium quality hair, I have higher standards when it comes to extensions.

Tangling and life expectancy

I can’t say that tangles are very common in Indique Hair. In fact, tangling was not something I can complain about at all. This was to my surprise, since usually when hair comes from multiple donors, it tangles easily. So, for the price of the hair, I was pretty impressed with the fact that the hair didn’t tangle much.


Now let me get down to the processing. When you are not paying top dollar for your hair, the risk here is that the detergents used to treat the hair contain elements that can damage your scalp and hair follicles. They can also treat the hair with silicone to create luster and give them the illusion of organic waves. This is the reason the products might not look as lush as you have seen them in the pictures online. So, just be aware of this. I usually like to wash my hair after the first few times of wearing them, just to get some of the chemicals out. I’d recommend doing the same.

Shedding and itching

Quality hair sheds very little or not at all. Indique Hair is right down the middle when it comes to shedding. I was not impressed either way, similar to the Mayvenn hair I purchased online. I haven’t experienced any discomfort or itching when wearing the extensions, honestly the hair was pretty comfortable to wear. So from this point of view I can say I recommend them, compared to other brands in the same price range.

Swimming and breakage

I’ve noticed that some of the strands were brittle and break easily. But it wasn’t as terrible as it was with other brands. So as a far as swimming, I’d avoid it, that way you don’t have to wash/condition as often.


When it comes to the money, Indique Hair extensions are priced fairly. To put it in a few words, they are worth the price tag they carry. When you evaluate the price against the quality and performance of the hair extensions, you won’t be disappointed.


Being a hair extensions enthusiast, I studied Indique Hair, tested their products, read their website, saw pictures on their social media accounts, and researched where they get the hair from, and how they process it and last but not least, wore them! Based on my observations and extensive research, Indique Hair extensions are pretty decent for the price point. Once again, if you are looking for high quality extensions, these are not it. But if they are in your price range, then go for these!