How to Extend the Life of Your Blowout

Do you like to go to the salon for a blowout? If you are unable to achieve this style on your own, you might choose to visit your favorite stylist each week to have it done. There are a few things you can do to preserve your blowout and keep it looking fantastic until you are ready to have your hair done again. By following a simple set of tips, you could save money without compromising the appearance of your blowout.

Wear a Shower Cap

There may have been times when you accidentally got your blowout wet while you were taking a shower. Once the hair gets wet, it goes downhill from there. The blowout no longer looks good and you will likely end up with frizzy sections of hair on your head. You can prevent this from happening by always wearing a shower cap when you are getting in the shower, taking a bath or even washing your face at the sink. We talk more in details about this in our weave review.

While washing your face, it is easy for water to get on the crown of your head. As the water starts to dry, your hair may begin to look greasy and unwashed. It is for that reason you should never forget to have a shower cap in the bathroom. There are tons of caps to choose from, some of which are extremely fashionable and can be worn outside for added protection against the rain.

Sleep With a Satin Cap

Do you go to bed with great hair and get up in the morning to a frizz mess? If so, you should start sleeping with a satin cap on your head. The satin cap is soft and will prevent friction from taking place, which is what commonly occurs when your hair is touching other types of material, such as cotton and polyester.

Before placing the satin cap on your head, consider wrapping your hair around your head and keeping it in place with bobby pins. You may need about 10 bobby pins to keep it all in place, but it will depend primarily on the length and thickness of your hair. As soon as it is in place, carefully put the satin cap on and leave it in place until you get up in the morning. You will quickly notice your hair is still in great condition and is not frizzy or knotted as it normally would be if you did not wear the cap.

Use Dry Shampoo When Needed

Dry shampoo is a life saver for those whose hair gets greasy quickly. If the bottom of your blowout still looks amazing, but the roots around the crown of your head looks greasy and dirty, simply apply dry shampoo over those areas. You can spray the dry shampoo on the hair, massage it in with your hands and then carefully brush it to make sure it blends in. Dry shampoo is a product you are going to want to use between washes.
After paying good money for a professional blowout, you may want to make it last as long as possible. By using a shower cap, sleeping with a satin cap and applying dry shampoo to your roots, you can preserve this style even longer and truly get your money’s worth.