Hairfinity Reviews

Does Hairfinity Really Work?

When it comes to nutrients for hair, we often ask, “Do they really work?” When I first came to know about Hairfinity vitamins from a friend of mine, I also asked the same question. I had heard mixed opinions about hair nutrients. Some people said it worked for them while other said it was a complete waste of time and money. So, I was like, “Ah, why shouldn’t I give it a shot?”

My drive to personally experience what those hair nutrients hold in store for my hair led me to check out Hairfinity vitamins. Now, I want to make it clear: I am not going to bash about the supplement, but to share my real experience with you. If you’re reading this, chances are you already have heard about Hairfinity from popular celebrities, including Emily B. and Kim Kardashian.

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If you want to see how many people are already enjoying great hair growth using Hairfinity products, just run the hashtag #Hairfinity on Instagram, and you’ll see a huge list. The company claims that its supplements have the power to foster hair growth from the inside out. The vitamins typically come in the form of tablets and capsules, and you’re required to take them orally. According to the Hairfinity website, the supplements will boost your hair, making them long, copious and lively.

My condition before using Hairfinity

Let me get specific about how Hairfinity helped my hair. Dry and frizzy hair with split ends and hair loss were common issues for me. For several years, I tried to fight these conditions by using a range of hair products and supplements, but to no avail. My condition would become extremely worse at times. It was so embarrassing for me, especially during social gatherings. Well, I was convinced that my body lacked nutrients essential for healthy hair. The symptoms were enough to persuade me.

I also read a research that asserted that if your hair is shedding faster than growing, chances are your body lacks essential nutrients and vitamins. Well, this is where Hairfinity dashes in because we can’t just meet the profound dearth of vitamins and other essential nutrients by eating processed foods, fruits, and vegetables.

You don’t need Hairfinity if you are eating only organic foods. If your hair is shedding faster than it is growing, you are probably not eating 100 percent organic foods. The problem with our foods is that they are highly processed, and the essential vitamins and nutrients are lost during the processing, creating a shortage of essential nutrients in our body.

My condition after using Hairfinity

I noticed a significant change in my hair length, density and appearance within two months of using Hairfinity vitamins. My hair became much smoother, sturdier, shiny and fuller. Hairfinity expedited my hair growth at a great speed. Since I prefer to keep shoulder length hair, but my hair was growing so rapidly due to the vitamins, I ended up going for a hair cut almost 20 days ahead of my normal schedule. This indicates the effect of Hairfinity on my hair growth.

I saw some reviews where Hairfinity users assert that the nutrients are just ok and that they can achieve the same hair goals with other supplements too. Well, I clearly see the difference between Hairfinity supplements and other brands. I tried a range of brands over a period of almost one year, and I found Hairfinity to be the best.

Side effects?

When it comes to side effects of Hairfinity, well, I didn’t experience any. I was able to swallow the capsules easily, and it went down perfectly even when I was eating food.


The packaging is striking too. Hairfinity vitamins come packed in a hot pink packaging.

Why Hairfinity delivered when others had failed?

As mentioned earlier, I noticed a significant improvement in my hair health and growth after using Hairfinity. As far as the other brands I used are concerned, I have to admit they failed badly. In a few cases, my hair became worse. Why Hairfinity did well what other brands failed?

Well, Hairfinity supplements contain the most coveted element called Capilsana complex, which meets the need of your hair for a range of almost eighteen amino acids and an exclusive sulfer. Combined, these elements enhance your hair health and expedite hair growth from the inside out.

Following the directions

To enjoy the best of Hairfinity supplements, you should make sure to take them as directed. There are those people who have tried the supplements without sticking with the directions. Now they claim it didn’t work. Well, I strictly followed the directions and here I am with beautiful, shiny and healthy hair. My suggestion to you is to follow the directions religiously.

The inside out approach

Hairfinity supplements provide your body the essential nutrients and help enhance your hair health from the inside out. This helps boost your hair health and expedite hair growth. It stops the rate at which your body sheds hair and expedites the rate at which your hair grows. The good news is that when your hair regains health from the inside out, it becomes beautiful, shiny and lengthy.

Unlike other products and shampoos that promise you a fast result, Hairfinity provides you long term and sustainable solution. If you are looking for fast and short-term results, so you can appear attractive at a social gathering, then Hairfinity is not for you. Like most vitamins, they take time for your body to start absorbing them, and for you to see a noticeable difference.

Now let’s see what nutrients Hairfinity contains.



Vitamin B3 – Essential for blood circulation to your scalp and helps averts hair loss.

Vitamin B12 – Important in the production of healthy red blood cells and catalyzes the transportation of oxygen to your follicles.

Vitamin A – Helps develop healthy sebum in your scalp.

Vitamin C – Essential to keep your skin and hair fresh and healthy.

Vitamin D – Critical in decreasing hair loss.

Biotin – Expedites hair growth and defends your scalp against dryness besides increasing your hair coretex flexibility and producing keratin that reduces hair loss.

Sulfur – Important for collagen and keratin production, which in turn help your hair grow faster.

Vitamin B Complex – Helps nourish your scalp health, enhances hair growth and strengths your hair strands.

Silica – Plays a critical role in maintaining your hair elasticity, and makes your hair shinier.

Exclusive CAPILSANA™ Complex – Contains 18 essential types of Amino Acids essential for your body in addition to silica, sulfur and hydrolyzed collagen. Together, these nutrients boost your hair health.


Hairfinity did wonders for me. The rich supplement literally helped me regain my beautiful and healthy locks back. It can help you too, but only if you take it according to the instructions. Remember, missing even a single capsule can negatively affect the outcome, so it is very important to follow the instructions religiously. Within two months, you’ll start noticing an improvement in your hair health. If you have any serious health issues, you should see your doctor before using Hairfinity.