Easy Quick Tips To Hide Roots In Between Hair Salon Visits

Let’s face it, there are a few days to a few weeks in between hair coloring that require some sneaky tricks to hide those roots. These tips and tricks will help you to hide your hair roots in between your hair coloring visits.

Re Part Your Hair

Regardless of how you favorite look, your hair growth never seems to match. When your roots begin to show, start by parting your hair differently. Consider a zig zag part to really add some unique drama to your hairstyle.

If your hair is parted in the middle, you can try a side part to help hide those roots. Since we normally wear our hair in only a few styles it is usually an easy trick to hide the roots without drawing too much attention to them.

Wear It Back

Instead of wearing the hair down and parted, comb it all back and secure it into a high, medium, or low pony tail. This will usually do the trick for a few days to hide those roots.

Try a dramatic headband or gypsy style scarf to add some clever drama to an otherwise boring look.

Scarves And Headbands

There are many great soft styled scarves and headbands that can all be worn to hide the roots. Collect some unique and clever ones to wear during those days where your roots are showing.

Practice adjusting the scarves and headbands so that your roots won’t show. There are a wide array of styles that can all be adapted to wear with scarves and headbands.


If you have fairly straight hair, grab those hot rollers. Wavy hair hides emerging roots easier than straight hair.

Set hair in hot rollers and gently tossle after removing them. Spray hair into place ensuring that roots aren’t showing and you’re good to go. Reapply hairspray if needed during the day.

Twist It

When those roots start emerging, consider some French Twists for the hair. Gather hair and twist so that the roots don’t show. Secure it toward the side or the back of the head so that it won’t show the roots.

Secure the hair in a variety of directions so that the roots aren’t showing. Go left, go right, go up, go down, try out a variety of styles until you find one that allows the roots to be hidden without a great deal of effort.

Quick Rinse Color

There are many quick rinse colors that you can apply to hair. Try one of these to help mask the roots and add some unique dimension to the hair.

Go for a subtle change or go all out and make it very dramatic with bold and vibrant spray in colors or rinses.

Practice new hair styles while your roots aren’t showing and continue practicing as your hair color wears out. The more familiar you are with twists and curls and headbands as well as temporary colors, the easier it’s going to be to hide those roots when they do show up.