Diamond Virgin Hair Reviews – Find Out The Truth Now

Is Dimond Virgin Hair Really “Diamond” Worthy?

Aha! The secret bliss of wearing weaves! It is one of the cool ways for women to wear an array of chic hairstyles on different occasions and in different seasons. Most women think that all weave brands are the coupon to glamour. But the reality is that whether your collection comprises long, straight, full, wavy, short or curly weaves, they are not created equal. There are some excellent weaves, and then there are some good weaves, but they are short in supply. Mostly, there are bad, itchy, ugly, tangled and worst weaves. So, it’s always judicious to do your research before buying a weave. (Or just come to our site and read what we have to say!)

If you are a weave enthusiast like me, chances are you already know about Diamond Virgin Hair. Well, in this review I am going to slice and dice weaves from Diamond Virgin Hair in order to provide you insights into the quality of their hair, so you can make your buying decision with ease. For the purpose of this review, I ordered and tried a weave from Diamond Virgin Hair. This review is based on my personal experience with the brand.

On its website, the company has put up pictures of beautiful women wearing beautiful weaves. They allured me. I placed my order for two packages of 4 oz. Brazilian hair and I got it after four days. Well, the packaging was beautiful, and when I took out the hair, it was the one I ordered. The upper and lower edges of the hair were in their regular form, and I didn’t find any damage to the hair structure. Remember, most hair brands like the cheap, Chinese hair available on Ali Express show you pictures of beautiful hair, but send you rubbish, damaged hair in the package.

Unlike most brands out there, Diamond Virgin Hair truly produces virgin hair weaves. According to the company, the hair is natural and not chemically treated. One of the best ways to check if the hair has been chemically processed is by dying it. If it easily catches color, it means that it has not been chemically treated. I tested my weave, and I was not disappointed. According to Diamond Virgin Hair, they spend most of their time and effort on sourcing good quality hair. The company has a decade long experience in the hair business, and they don’t overstate their product feature and quality.

From my experience, I can tell you that the company really knows your needs and desires for beauty, so they make it easy for you to get Virgin Remy Human Hair weaves. I have a decade long experience with hair extensions and weaves, and I can judge the quality of hair at first sight. The weave I ordered from Diamond Virgin Hair is made from original human hair. There was no sign of animal hair or synthetic fiber hair mixture in the one I bought from the company. Though the weave quality was not equal to the best weaves available on the market, still it was able to deliver good value for a reasonable price.

Life Expectancy and Tangling

The company claims that its products will last for six months to one year. That was true. I wore the weave for seven months. Remember, you can increase the life of your weave by taking proper care of it, and by following the expert instructions. On the other hand, the best quality virgin hair weaves on the market will serve you for 12-24 months; however, they are relatively expensive than Diamond Virgin Hair weaves. The company encourages you to moisten and brush your hair if essential, but it also tells you to avoid cutting them before you are satisfied. If you think the hair is not the one you ordered, or if there is any problem with the product, you can return it for exchange (if you haven’t used it yet).   My weave didn’t show any tangling issue for six months. By the seventh month, it started tangling intermittently, but that wasn’t a big issue for me because it had already served me for six months. If you take proper care of your hair, it won’t tangle often.

Styling and Chemical Processing

Weaves from Diamond Virgin Hair come with the benefit of styling it the way you want. You can process, style and brush it just like you do with your natural hair. Remember, the cuticles in virgin remy hair facade in the same direction. The hair is flexible and makes natural movements like your natural hair. However, Diamond Virgin Hair does not take responsibility for any difficulty in styling after you perform any chemical process on the hair. So, it is always best to seek expert advice from a hairstylist before taking your hair for chemical treatment.

Shedding and Itching of the weave

Diamond Virgin Hair claims that its products shed very minimal or not at all. My experience with the hair was not bad. The weave did shed hair from the third month onward, but that was minimal. Even the best weaves on the market have some form of shedding issue. Unlike most brands, Diamond Virgin Hair does not create itching. Remember, itching mostly occurs when the hair is chemically processed. It can also occur when you apply the weave too right and when there is a shortage of airflow. It is also important to keep your scalp hydrated because dry scalp can also lead to itchiness.

Swimming and Breakage

You can swim with a Diamond Virgin Hair weave, but you should be careful not to expose it to gushes of water for a longer period. Staying in the swimming pool for more than an hour will make your weave sticky. When it comes to breakage, weaves from Diamond Virgin Hair boast good immunity because they are made from original, good quality, human hair.


To sum it up, Diamond Virgin Hair sells good quality weaves. I recommend this brand to women who are looking for reasonably priced, good quality virgin hair. However, if you are looking for the best quality weaves, and if you can afford to pay more, there are some great brands out there. Weaves from Diamond Virgin Hair are trustworthy, and you can wear them with confidence for 6-12 months with proper care.