Curls With Different Styling Equipment

Curls are a beautiful hairstyle to rock, but it is not a streamlined style.

There are variations at play, and it is important to note them down along with the tools needed to achieve those looks as required.

Too many people end up using the wrong equipment and get frustrated assuming their hair is the issue. It is not your hair, but the tools being employed.

Let’s take a look at the three essential styling tools a person is going to have at their disposal. These are going to include the wand, curling iron, and straightener.


Let’s begin with the wand, which is often seen being used by people around the world.

With a wand, it is all about natural curls. The reason these curls are termed “natural” is down to how they fall into place. They are not going to be as structured or separated. The strands will interconnect over time for those who are going through with this tool.

There is more separation than a straightener, but far less than a curling iron. This can provide more leeway for those who want curls based on their preferred look.

Curling Iron

Moving onto the curling iron, this is a tool that is well-regarded for creating curls. It does an excellent job of putting together a look you can rock on any occasion.

The curling iron is going to produce a structured spiral. It is going to flow as required and provide a good balance between natural and edgy.

A lot of people appreciate the curling iron as it streamlines most of the process in comparison to a straightener. The strands will show separation to enunciate each curl in one’s hair.

The curls are closer together and will remain in place for longer because of how the curling iron works. It tightly wraps the hair into place and heats it as required. There is also specific conditioner for curls you can use as well.


Now, for most people, the straightener is going to be used for the purpose of straightening hair. After all, isn’t that what the tool is made for?

Yes, it can be used to straighten hair, and that is the initial purpose it offers, but curls are possible as well.

By wrapping the hair around the heated surface and twisting, new curls will begin to form and fit into place. With a straightener, loose curls will be on offer. It will be more of a wavy look as some end up describing it. They will flow and remain free.

In the end, each styling tool is important and has a role to play for those who want perfect curls. It is all about finding which one is best for the day. Sometimes, a person will take out a wand for natural waves, but on other occasions might want to get a structured spiral effect using their curling iron.

By understanding what these tools can do, it will be easier to make the right choice and not get frustrated with the results. The perfect curls are possible when the right decision is made.