How much do clip in hair extensions cost?

The cost of clip in hair extensions varies, as you would expect. It depends on quality, length, brand, style and many other factors!

How much are clip in hair extensions?
Clip in hair extensions cost can range from about $60-$500. There are several factors that determine the exact price, as you would expect.

Clip in hair extensions cost depends on:

  • length
  • weight
  • volume
  • human hair vs synthetic hair
  • overall quality

Clip in hair extensions cost
Clip in hair is much more affordable than it used to be! Hair technology has truly come a long way and has helped the hair extensions industry flourish.

Is it expensive to install clip in hair extensions?
No! You can literally put them in yourself. Sure if it’s your first time and you’re unsure, head in to a salon near your home for some professional help.

Simply put, we LOVE clip in extensions. They are some of our favorites for so many reasons!

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If you are going to just do it and treat yourself to some hair extensions, what color will you get? That’s one of the most important questions! If you’re looking for blonde or another shade, there are seriously so many options out there!

How much are clip in hair extensions at a salon?
Quite a bit unfortunately! Your options online are much more affordable when it comes to clip in hair extensions that cost less.

So, are clip ins actually worth it? Or should you get some halo or tape ins? The answer is really up to you! But let’s just say, clip ins are by far some of our favorite extensions out there.