A Guide To Buying The Best Weave Hair

People from all walks of life use weaves – including some of the most famous celebrities. Take Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj for example – you see both of these celebrities with a different hairstyle every time they make an appearance. Weaves are an excellent add-on product that can help you achieve virtually any look without having to wait years for your natural hair to grow long, or months for products to help you add volume to your natural hair. They offer fast results, instantly adds length to your hair and they protect your natural hair against damage from products that you use while styling. Buying the best weave hair, however, can be tricky as many companies falsely promote “real virgin hair”, but sells chemically processed hair that is most definitely not worth the price they charge.

We have taken a look at a variety of brands that sell their products on the internet, as well as at participating salons. We considered the range of products that these brands sell, the textures and origins of their hair, as well as the user reviews that were available at the time of writing this post, to determine who the best is. The brands we list in this post all have an excellent reputation for impressing clients and delivering on their promises. These brands also specialize in virgin hair extensions and do not process their hair with chemicals or steam prior to distribution.

#1. Mayvenn Hair

We consider Mayvenn Hair to be the number one brand for buying the best weave hair online. The company’s mission is to provide individuals who wear weaves with top quality products that do not disappoint, but without charging thousands of dollars for a single piece of weave hair. The company pride themselves in their excellent level of customer services and all of their orders are backed by their satisfaction guarantee, which gives the client a full refund if they are not entirely happy with the product they receive. The company offers the following styles:

  • Straight
  • Kinky Straight
  • Curly
  • Deep Wave
  • Body Wave
  • Deep Wave

Apart from their weave hair, Mayvenn Hair also offers a range of frontals and closures.

#2. Her Imports

Our second option for buying the best weave hair from a reputable brand on the internet is Her Imports, a company that has won over more than 250,000 loyal customers. Her Imports has an online store, as well as 34 official stores where all of their products can be purchased. The brand offers a variety of hair products, including extensions and a new range of hair care products that helps to ensure a customer’s weave always looks great, while also prolonging its lifespan. Her Imports also recently launched a make-up range that has already gained a lot of popularity among their loyal customers.

#3. Indique Hair

Finally, we also recommend Indique Hair. This company offers quite a large variety of products. Indique offers straight, wavy and curly style weave hair, and has a variety of collections, each with their own unique set of products that offers real value to the buyer. One aspect that many customers really enjoy about Indique is the fact that they do not only offer weave hair and extensions, but also has an original series of hair care products, hair accessories and styling tools; thus making them a one-stop-shop for any person who wants to wear a weave that always looks beautiful.


Buying the best weave hair on the internet is a challenge for many, but there are many brands out there that offer high-quality weave hair at unbeatable prices. The three options we’ve listed here offers real value for your money and does not process their hair, which means hair is 100% virgin and natural, and the weave hair will seamlessly blend in with your own hair.