5 Amazing Heatless Hairstyle Ideas For Summer

Heatless hairstyles are just perfect for summer. These easy and simple hairstyles will help you achieve a stunning look without putting your hair at risk of damage or breaking. They will help you look amazing without using your hairdryer, flat iron, or curling iron. Here are 5 amazing heatless, sexy, effortless, and quick hairstyles to help you style your hair in the summer without use of hot rollers, crimping iron, or blow dryer.

1. Spiral Curls

You can get great spiral curls without use of heat or curling iron. To do this, divide the hair into a few sections. Braid the sections tightly then secure them using bobby pins in the form of buns overnight. Go to bed while wearing your shower cap on. In the morning you will have great curls. This style is suited to all kinds of hair.

2. Fancy Ponytail

Ponytail is always a classic that all girls love to have. You can achieve this hairstyle quickly if you are in a hurry. Start by brushing your hair thoroughly to make a perfectly polished ponytail. Next, form a curl by twirling a section of the ponytail in your finger. Hold for a couple of seconds then leave. Do this with the remaining portion of hair. You will achieve some lovely curls. Mold the curls together to get a good curve.

3. High Bun

Start by putting the hair into a high ponytail. This is where the bun will sit. Depending on your preference you can make it a bit high or low. Next, make a fishtail braid using the hair already secured in the ponytail. Use a small elastic band to secure the end of the braid. Loosen and broaden the braid using your finger. Next, make a bun by wrapping the braid around the ponytail. Use bobby pins to secure the bun.

4. Natural Loose Curls

Air dry your hair then wet the bottom half slightly. Apply styling gel on the moist part, distribute evenly by rubbing lightly, then roll the hair tightly in a bun then put it up. Leave the hair to dry and form curls for a while then allow them to fall down to achieve loose natural curls. This simple hairstyle will help you achieve natural curls that look romantic and amazing without using heat.

5. Twisty Hair

Part the hair into several sections. Take one section of the hair then apply styling gel generously then twist it until it starts coiling around the base. Use a small band or bobby pins to secure the twisted part around the neck. Twist the remaining sections in similar fashion and secure them for several hours. Remove the bobby pins and allow the hair to let loose. This is the style to use if you desire nice twisty hair effortlessly and instantly. I personally love this style extensions. Ready our review of our favorite hair extensions here.


If you have always wondered about the types of hairstyles that you can get without using heat now you have the answer. The five hairstyles discussed in this article are effortless, quick, and most importantly won’t ruin your hair since they don’t use heat.