3 Easy Up-Do Hairstyles For Going Out

Are you planning to go out and want to make sure your hair looks good? While you may not have a lot of time to get ready, there are several quick and simple yet cute styles you can achieve in a matter of minutes. Those who see you may assume you spent hours on your hair to make it look so good when it should only take about 10 minutes for you to complete each style.

The Messy Twist Bun

If you would like to wear a casual bun with a twist, you will need your brush, an elastic band and a few bobby pins. You can achieve this style by first brushing your hair, removing any knots and putting it up into a ponytail. However, when tying your hair around the elastic band for the third and final time, do not pull it all the way through the band. You should have a floppy bun with a few strands hanging directly underneath it.

Leave the bun in place and gently grab those hanging strands of hair, twisting them and then wrapping them around the bun to cover the elastic band. You will need a few bobby pins to keep those twisted strands in place. Once you insert the bobby pins, the look is complete. Simply add some hairspray on the bun to keep it in place and head out the door with your beautiful yet simple style. This style works great for all types of people and even works well with hair from Aliexpress.

The Braided Crown

If you are going out on a date, you may want a style that looks a bit more elegant instead of too casual. Rather than go to a salon and spend money to have someone else do your up-do, you can do the braided crown on your beautiful hair. You will need elastic bands and bobby pins to complete this style.

Start by brushing out any knots and then separating your hair into two separate pigtail sections. Tie each section with an elastic band so that you have your pigtails up and ready. Begin braiding each section and then put another elastic band around the ends to keep the braid in place. Once you have completed both braids, carefully take one of the braids, move it forward and wrap it around the top of your head.

Use a bobby pin or two to keep the first braid in place and then do the same thing with the opposite side, keeping it in place with another bobby pin or two. Add a little hairspray over the entire crown and you will be ready to go out on your date with a fantastic new look.

The Thick Braid Bun

Another simple yet convenient and stylish up-do is the thick braid bun. Start by brushing your hair back and putting it into a ponytail with an elastic band. Braid the ponytail and use an elastic band on the end of it to keep it in place. Use your fingers to carefully pull the braid on both sides to expand it and make it look a bit thicker.

You can then wrap the braid around the elastic band to create a bun. Use two bobby pins to keep the bun secured around the elastic band. The thick braid bun is the perfect style for just about anything, including the first day of school, romantic date or even a trip to the mall.

These hair styles do not take long to complete at all. You can have fabulous hair without getting frustrated or spending too much time in front of the mirror, especially if you do not have a lot of time to waste.