2 Great Products to Use Before Blow Drying Hair to Prevent Dryness

Do you like to use a blow dryer on your hair after taking a shower? You may not want to go to sleep with a wet head and it is probably a lot easier for you achieve certain styles after you complete the drying process. However, you may have noticed that your hair feels a bit dry and dull when you are done using the blow dryer. The good news is that there are several products you can use to protect and prevent the dryness from occurring.

TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray

Before you even begin the drying process, grab a bottle of the TRESemme Heat Tamer and begin spraying it onto sections of your hair, paying special attention to the ends that are often the most damaged and dried out. The product is designed to protect hair strands against the heat while preventing the frizz that often occurs after using a blow dryer. It has a great smell to it and it leaves the hair looking shiny and smooth.

Do-It-Yourself Argan and Coconut Oil Protective Spray

If you are unable to find the TRESemme product at any of the stores in your area or you would simply prefer to take a natural approach, you can create an organic argan and coconut oil protective spray that will defend your hair against the heat from the blow dryer. Before making this concoction, make sure to purchase a plastic 12 oz spray bottle, organic argan oil and organic coconut oil. You will need to add eight tablespoons of coconut oil, 12 tablespoons of argan oil and two tablespoons of water to the spray bottle and then shake it vigorously for a minute.

Once you have finished shaking the bottle for a minute, spray the solution over your damp hair. Use your fingers to run the solution through your strands, starting from the roots and working your way right down to the ends. You can then begin blow drying your hair or weave until it is completely dry and looking its best.

The argan and coconut oil combination works so well because both of these essential oils contain vitamins and antioxidants. In fact, argan oil contains plenty of vitamin E, and that is one of the best vitamins for the hair. It is known to strengthen and protect against damage. Both argan and coconut oil help to hydrate the hair so that it does not look or feel dry.

Style Without the Damage

If you want to have healthy hair that shines and looks absolutely beautiful, it is important to take good care of it. While you may need to use the blow dryer to keep your hair under control, the heat from the dryer is known to cause slight damage.

However, you can make the best possible attempt to protect your luxurious strands from that damage by using protective products before you even begin using the blow dryer. Both the TRESemme Heat Tamer and the homemade argan and coconut oil protective spray are great products to start using.